a voice

I came across this touching piece of writing while clearing out a cupboard last week. It had been left on the table in my office one morning along with a signed note and a glass of orange juice from the hospital cafeteria. This was perhaps twelve years ago.

The Chinese proverb, ‘A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song’, that I had quoted in a book I had written for children in 2006 – and which is the tagline of this blog as well – made him think, he says. I think that merely served as a prompt for what he has brought out so beautifully from deep within his soul . . .



One thought on “a voice

  1. So touching. That one line struck him. Imagine the power of words. We all read but not always to the full understanding the words are trying to convey.
    Continue your good works


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