DSC02001 (1)







Or us.

Planted, grow, mature, produce, decline, die leaving seeds.


Remains returned to earth neatly packed.


It’s an endless pattern from the beginning of time…

IMG_1131.jpgAll grow at their own rhythm, all are at different stages of growth.

Today’s young people, tomorrow’s Boomers. Or whatever the children of today will call the twenty- and thirty-somethings of today in a couple of decades.

YOLO. Enjoy each stage. Keep traveling. Look at things. Minimise carbon footprint. Eat local. Wear local. Appreciate random acts of kindness because they keep hope alive for the human race. Tip well and warmly, where appropriate, when people help. It’s all good, don’t worry so much about things you can’t change . . .  Those were some of my thoughts while driving along these rice paddies around Hampi at the end of last year.

P.S. It just occurred to me that some of the pics may be of millet fields as they are also widely grown in this region. If you are an expert and can tell the difference, please consider the pictures purely representational 🙂







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