about this blog: 2016


One often sees this scene in movies: someone standing on top of a mountain shouting out his ecstasy, rage or a Big Question. It’s obvious he just needs to get it out of his system. For me, this blog has been that mountain. I yelled out in my head a lot of things that I wrote here. Sometimes I found I had typed it all in caps lock and had to re-type it.

I could write the same things in a diary but that would be just between me and myself. I need to tell it to the universe. As a Chinese proverb goes, ‘a bird doesn’t sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song.’ In my case, it’s usually a niggling thought that needs to be expressed. It has to be resolved in my mind. I’m not even looking for an answer or a ‘like.’ When I look at what I wrote under ‘About this blog’ in 2012 I find that much of it is not true of today.

About parenting: The kids have grown up and flown the nest. To be honest, somewhere along the way I realised that the needs we think we are meeting are not always the children’s real needs. They are our idea of their needs. If we aren’t scrupulously careful, we could be fulfilling our needs disguised as theirs. Now, I only hope that they have come to Earth with decent natal charts to see them through this lifetime.

About teaching children to respect others’ religious beliefs: In the present milieu I would find it hard to advocate blanket acceptance of everybody’s religious beliefs as worthy of respect. The problems caused by differing religious beliefs among people are in the news every day. I would probably not talk about comparative religion at all, but just say there’s a God watching our actions and ultimately everybody gets their just desserts.

About mental health: The brain is an organ, the mind a process. I broadly accept that everything that can go wrong with the mind has a biological basis because nerve cells that mediate mental processes communicate via chemicals. Nevertheless, I am now reluctant to use the term ‘mental illness’ too freely.

About history: Of late, I’ve been thinking about how people have destroyed one edifice and built another one on the same spot. The Sun Temple of the Incas that was razed by the Spanish conquistadores, the Hagia Sophia church that was invaded by the Ottoman Turks, countless Indian temples destroyed by Afghans, are examples. Shedding innocent blood and building an edifice on the bloodied plot of land and then trying to consecrate it! Why? I should think it would be nicer to construct a building meant for prayer on an unsullied spot, so there are no tortured spirits haunting it!

About nature: The only thing that hasn’t changed is my pleasure in taking photographs and sharing the nice ones here. It’s still only about capturing a moment on my phone, “nothing hi-tech, just point and shoot” as I’ve said before.

So, what will I be writing about? Whatever wells up and needs to be expressed. With one rule: no complaining about anything at all. As Robert Frost said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”


One thought on “about this blog: 2016

  1. We all need a mountain to shout from! How beautifully you shout out what so many of us feel but are unable to express.
    I share your views on parenting and children and religion. About “normalcy” – how can we compartmentalize people into black and white when there are so many shades of gray? And then, who are we to judge anyways? What’s the reference point?


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