Battle of Monmouth,1778

That was fun to watch!

The Battle of Monmouth was a turning point in the American Revolutionary War. It took place on the 28th of June, 1778, between the British Army and the American soldiers under General Washington.

A re-enactment of the Battle of Monmouth is usually held over the third weekend of June every year. The scene of the battle is the Monmouth County Battlefield Park, a 10 minute drive from where we are staying. As this is our first visit to NJ in summer, we got a chance to see it.

It was a sunny Saturday. We found a patch of shade under a maple tree to sit down. The gently sloping hillside was filled with a large holiday crowd of happy Americans. Young families with energetic little kids had spread bright sheets on the grass and opened picnic baskets. While a lot of the little boys were armed for battle with swords, bows and arrows, and rifles, none of the little girls were! Why not?

The two armies approached each other dressed in costumes of the period. The costumes had been created in painstaking detail and did give us a feel of being in the 1700s. Rifles and canons were fired, so there was lots of noise and smoke and the smell of burning gun powder. Soon there was a decent body count on the battlefield that made it all look quite authentic!



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