Sunset, moonrise

I wish I could write poetry using enchanting words like ‘gloaming’ to describe how wonderful the sunset was last evening. Yes, and if I were a poet of long ago I would probably say ‘eventide’ instead of plain old ‘evening’.

A flaming orange sunset. Then a peach and yellow twilit sky almost imperceptibly turning into dusky mauve and blue.

I would have to change three different palettes in the space of fifteen minutes if I were painting this. But then, I’m not an artist either.

I’ve always admired Monet’s paintings of haystacks. He apparently started out with two canvasses believing that it was enough to have one for overcast weather and one for sunny weather. Though he painted at a furious pace, he soon realised that he would need many, many more because the light kept changing!

These three pictures were taken on the same evening. I’m happy there’s photography now to capture these beautiful moments, the lovely colours that mark the days of our lives.

Sunset. Another day passes into history.

Moon at twilight
Moon at twilight
Moon at dusk
Moon at dusk

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