‘A Little Book for the Hindu Child’ is now available on Amazon

    When my son was about five years old, an older child in the school van asked him if he was Muslim or Hindu. He didn’t know. So he told her, “I’m a Gemini”! When he got home he anxiously asked me if his reply was right. I nodded and smiled, all the while wondering how to explain religion to a five-year-old.

He had a lot of questions.

What is a Hindu? What is the difference between Hindus and other people? How many Gods are there? Why are there beggars with no food to eat and no place to live – why does God let it happen? Where did Ajja go when he died? Why do I have to be good? And so forth.

I thought back to my own childhood. When I was four I lived with my grandmother and her mother for about a year. That’s when I think I imbibed something about Hinduism. I say ‘imbibed’ because not much was spoken; it was just lived. There are only two things I remember being mentioned. One was karma, or ‘you reap what you sow’, and the other was that there’s only one God whom people call by different names. I realize that these two beliefs have endured, and I still believe them to be true. So, when I decided to write down what I meant to tell my son about Hinduism, I started with these two concepts. That’s what ‘A Little Book for the Hindu Child’, published in 2005, is mostly about.

‘A Little Book for the Hindu Child’ has been available only in Bangalore all these years. Earlier this month Raj, whom I’ve known for several years now, converted it into an e-book and made it available on Amazon. I hope his efforts bear fruit, and people everywhere read this book and find it useful to understand the basics of Hinduism.


5 thoughts on “‘A Little Book for the Hindu Child’ is now available on Amazon

  1. This is the simplest book that explains Self and God for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Jew even Atheist seeker— I often even thought of posting it page wise on my Facebook wall,But stopped due to copyrights. But am glad it is available on Amazon. Dr VAtsa’s interpretation of Hinduism is dynamic. Maybe because as a psychiatrist, she understands that people look for and make their own reality as they go on. Because in her words, ‘The space inside the cup and outside it is the same’, THE LITTLE BOOK FOR THE HINDU CHILD explains HINDUISM also the progressive evolving enquiry into timeless questions of Existence that each kid will build upon as they grow and experience more.

    I wish I knew the right words to recommend it to everyone- kids and adults. I read it at 40 🙂 and my soul smiled!
    My favorite bit is about Advait/ Dvait ( unity/ duality/ therefore trintity by extension) perception of reality. Also what dr Vatsa says about Reality/ Maya being like movie on Cinema screen… So real, so illusory. I have told my friends to feel free to ask me for the hard copy if they r inspired to look in. I might not lend mine,though. It is precious. Someday my kids and grand kids, or some seeker will ask me about RELIGION, GOD, EVOLUTION OF BELIEF 🙂


  2. All those who have left comments here, if you can leave one as a review comment of the book on Amazon, that would be very helpful


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