Vladimir Putin is not complicated!

img_5689The Pentagon spends $300,000 every year to study the body language of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other foreign leaders, to better predict their behaviour! A recent report in the newspaper says that a researcher has concluded Putin is ‘risk-averse’, ‘strong-willed’ and ‘extremely sensitive to criticism’.

I am aware that study of body language is a science, but I wonder what people who study human behavior by other methods would say about Putin. These branches of study have their share of followers, and they consider them scientific too.

Putin’s a Libran, birthdate 7th October, 1952. An astrologer might say he argues to the point of indecision in his effort to be perfectly fair by his reckoning, ultimately not taking a risk either way. His sun sign is represented by the Scales, so he tries to balance things all the time, that’s why. And, Libra being a Cardinal sign, he is strong-willed, bossy and can’t bear criticism.

A numerologist may say Putin’s birth number 7 makes him sensitive and intuitive. 7 makes him a private person, unwilling to explain his actions. 7 makes him adopt unorthodox political beliefs. It makes him a dreamer who doesn’t share his dreams with other people because it’s risky.

His destiny number 16 warns of danger to life and/or defeat of his plans. His name number 28, if he used ‘Vladimir Putin’ all the time, warns of loss through misplaced trust, and these two numbers make him instinctively distrusting, so he is cautious and risk-averse. 28 reduced to 1 makes him controlling, and very sensitive to criticism. And, since he usually goes by ‘Putin’ alone, which has a value of 6, he is usually polite unless he feels threatened, in which case his strong will comes to the fore and he says or does exactly what he wants.

A graphologist might analyze a page of his handwriting on paper and come up with insights too. From the signature on his page on Wikipedia, a graphologist could surmise that he seems like an outgoing person who is optimistic and confident. But then, the signature only represents his public image.

And what happens if Putin took the online Myers-Briggs personality test? How would a psychologist interpret it? Extravert/Introvert? Intuitive/Sensing? Thinking/Feeling? Judging/Perceiving? What sort of person is he? How best can a foreign diplomat aimg_5681pproach him?

Is Putin really so mysterious? Can’t anyone get the measure of him simply by talking to him? It makes me laugh to imagine people spending money to analyze our courteous, quiet, harmless Manmohan Singh!

img_5687Whom does all this analyzing help? Not Ukraine. Nobody cares about the subaltern side of a situation in the realm of international politics, and ordinary people pay the price for the equivalent of medieval palace intrigues in present-day politics!

$300,000 a year, from 2009. Well spent? Hmm, I wonder what the American taxpayer thinks.


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