The sun doesn’t live in my sunny balcony


My friend’s grandfather died last week. He was 96. Relatives and friends gathered to pay their last respects. There was an air of acceptance rather than of mourning. Everyone talked about his life – and how he had passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was to be cremated the next morning.

I think cremation is the only way for a human body to go. Dust to dust. It mustn’t be allowed to rot. It must be consigned to cleansing flames. The End. This is my personal belief, my idea of the right ritual.

Right? What is right? For example, to me idols, symbols, and religious buildings where people gather to pray, all represent God. They are as important as we want them to be, there’s no right or wrong about them. An iconoclast cannot be opposing somebody else’s idol-worship while using religious images, symbols and buildings himself; that would not be right.

For, if God is in a religious building, it’s because He’s everywhere, in an idol too. ‘He’ is a power, or force, that’s omnipresent. The sun comes into our balcony or sunroom only because sunlight is everywhere.


Today, in Bangladesh people are apparently killing over religion. Ditto in the Central African Republic, in Palestine and in Iran. It’s been happening in India for hundreds of years.

How does it help anyone, especially impoverished people?

Is it just that the ‘majority’ community gets to go on a rampage and grab assets belonging to the ‘minority’ community, while a helpless government, or more likely, one that is hand-in-glove with them, looks on? Then, this is the ultimate wrong, done in God’s name.

This is a form of Anarchy, not Religion, and certainly has nothing to do with God. Why do journalists even report these events as having a religious basis?


One thought on “The sun doesn’t live in my sunny balcony

  1. 96 years is a long life – so many changes to witness throughout the years. As for religion, it’s been used as an excuse for people to hate and kill each other for thousands of years. History just keeps repeating itself, unfortunately.


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