Ulsoor Lake

In the last two months Ulsoor Lake has turned into a cesspool again.

Water hyacinth is rapidly spreading over its surface.

This is how it looked today, photographed from the southern bank.

And this is how it looked a year ago, same spot photographed from the western bank.

I’m not going to say “I wish they would clean it up”.  I’m not going to rant against the City Corporation.  I’m not going to sulk about being entitled to a clean lake. This is an achievement of sorts, because I very much mind the Lake being dirty.

Instead, I’m going to look at how the authorities have cleared large amounts of parthenium weed from the flower beds lining the walking path. The general tangle of rubbish on the south bank has been patiently replaced with a modest garden, including lawn and flower beds. New trees have been planted…

Life goes on. Things change. One day, soon, the Lake will be clean and beautiful again…


2 thoughts on “Ulsoor Lake

  1. The San Diego River behind my house gets covered with weeds and algae at the end of summer and it really, really stinks. But the city and the county do nothing about it, even though hundred of residents are to endure the stink. I’m not sure how they would fix the problem though, probably dump something in the water to kill the algae.


  2. Sometimes I too wonder how ‘they’ can fix the problems that I tend to notice and worry about. So many things wrong with urban life don’t seem to have solutions, except in theory. Maybe town-size is the right size for balanced growth and everybody’s comfort (if not village-size). When cities grow too large for their infrastructure to support, how can they be maintained well? Some areas are bound to be neglected, like your river. It’s really sad though, isn’t it?


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