Road trip to Kochi and Cherai, Kerala

We took a road trip over the Diwali break to Kochi (Cochin) and Cherai.

We drove 550 km, starting out at daybreak, and reached our Homestay at Fort Kochi late in the evening. The highways have improved tremendously since our last trip to Kochi in the late nineties.

Dawn in Cherai/Kochi – photographed by a family member who is a morning person 🙂

The Chinese fishing nets Kochi is known for

A crow flew across my camera just when I clicked!

Food, as expected, was wonderful everywhere – from small local eateries to the well-known ones

Swimming, walking or sitting around on the beach, watching the sun go down in soft pink (unlike the bright orange skies of the snaps in the album of our last visit to Kochi).

And watching people walk at a leisurely pace, hardly anyone busily talking on a cell phone!

In Kannada “Kuberanigenirabeku?”  (translation: “what does Kubera , the god of wealth, need?”) is a palindrome. They say that if you write this on the beach, waves will immediately rush up to erase it. Of course they do, because kids write it at the edge of the water, like my daughter did! (“Hey, Mama! It actually happened!! I can’t believe this!”)

And the flowers. Very few varieties in this season, but vivid colors

On the road from Cherai beach to Cherai town, we noticed bright pink dust at the side of the road, like the gulal you see at Holi. It had dropped from a tree in the yard of a bungalow. We rang the bell on the gatepost to find out what tree it was. A woman came to the gate and told us it was a ‘champaka’. True, the tree did look like a champak, but the flowers definitely didn’t. She didn’t mind us taking pictures, and fortunately didn’t appear in a hurry to get back to her kitchen, though it was obvious she had been kneading atta! Oh, for the unhurried pace of life in Cherai!


4 thoughts on “Road trip to Kochi and Cherai, Kerala

    1. Actually we were all together after 4 months so it was nice to be in a car without laptops, etc. – just chat, listen to music and look out the windows. And there were two kids, one just prefers staying behind the camera! And, yes, Kerala is a beautiful state and also goes by the name ‘God’s own country’.


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