Climbing Savandurga

Savanadurga is a rock. A huge rock. In fact, the whole rock is one hill! It’s  situated about 60 km from Bangalore and is the largest monolithic hill in Asia.

A couple of Saturdays ago we climbed the Savandurga hill. The climb was organised by the Bangalore Mountaineering Club. The day was partially overcast, then the sun came out and beat down fiercely around noon. That part was quite tiring. When we reached the top, that is 1,226 metres above sea level, it was all worth it. There was a strong cool breeze blowing, and the view was spectacular. It rained on the way down, just a brief shower.  Those who were climbing down the steepest part had a difficult time, two of them slithering down like kids on a slide, ripping the seats of their jeans!

Lunch, cooked locally by friends of our guide, Swami, was fresh and tasty: poori/chana, rice/rasam, lemon rice and curd rice.


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