my 18 year old is finally leaving home, (and we aren’t talking about kids…!!!)

The government of Netherlands has a policy that takes care of disposal of appliances that you no longer want. This post showed me how a system like that can work and that’s why I thought of sharing it. If our government could  emulate this, it might help a little in dealing with the garbage problem in our country too.


Local Heart, Global Soul

You can tell I’ve had food on my mind in recent weeks…  not just in my cooking lessons mind you, also in my own kitchen. Here’s why…

My oven is 18 years old.

As is typical in the Netherlands we recieved money from various friends and family as wedding presents and since we had saved to pay for our own small, tightly budgeted wedding,  had just bought a house together and were broke and almost furnitureless, we bought a small freezer, oven and some large bookshelves with the contents of the gift envelopes we received.

Both the freezer and the oven are still functioning… (the freezer is fine) but knowing the tend of today’s planned obsolescence in appliances I know it can’t last forever.

When we bought this oven we opted for what we could stretch to with the funds we had, therefore we got  the most basic and cheapest…

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