More flowers

I can’t believe I forgot to share these in my last post!

The sunflower field we saw in the distance in the Hassan-Chikmagalur region driving back from Mangalore took us completely by surprise. We had to see it up close, so we got off the highway and drove down the mud road that seemed to lead to the field – it was so worth it!

This sunflower grew in the garden of my brother’s house. Later, I used the seeds from these to grow sunflowers in the  window box  of my second floor flat. I had quite a few delighted neighbors from the next block telling me how much they enjoyed my sunflowers!

These poppy plants are from the Government’s Lal Bagh flower show. I am issuing this disclaimer because the Times of India recently carried a piece on how people in England are growing poppy in their backyards for personal use!


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