‘God hasn’t made you, He’s making you’.

Through adolescence this line helped me whenever I messed up, which was quite often. I learned to forgive myself and move on, and tried to avoid repeating mistakes.

The same goes for children: they are not finished products anymore than we are. We’ve got to be patient with them. They are growing, learning and evolving every day. They are equipped to grow, like a seed planted in fertile soil and given enough water and sunshine.

Or a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly like in this song by Miley Cyrus for her dad, that my daughter shared with me.




2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Thank you Dr. Shyamala. We can learn so much from caterpillars and butterflies. It makes me very sad when I see people who think they know it all, have seen it all, been everywhere, done everything. The day we stop learning, growing, evolving is the day we stop living.


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