Window to the night sky

This is the Observatory at Kavalur, India. I spent a couple of nights here in my twenties with a friend who was a postgraduate student of Astrophysics. I saw a new world: the rings around Saturn and the shadow they cast on the surface of the planet, giving a beautiful 3-dimensional feel to it; four of the moons of Jupiter; the nebula in the sword of Orion; the craters on the moon, to name some. Truly, this telescope (40 inch dia) was my window to the fascinating world out there.


This visit inspired me to write the only poem I have ever written. I found it after several years and was pleasantly surprised that it was okay, not cringe-inducing like some of the stuff scribbled in my teens!

 Does it matter? 

Among thousands of galaxies

Is our Milky Way;

Earth is just one planet

Among God knows how many.


I am but a speck of dust,

Just someone halting here awhile

On the sojourn of a soul

That lives through me.


Perhaps I was created

In a moment of frivolous fun,

Like a child building a sandcastle

Only to knock it down.


Maybe I am part of a Master Plan,

Like a grain of sand

In a brick

Part of a mansion vast…


Does it matter?


Not at all: I am ME,

Be it a moment, be it eternity;

I have this life, one precious life

To live, to lose myself in its beauty.


To laugh, to cry, to live it in all its glory.

To drift gently with its current,

Mingle with other souls passing by,

Each his own way.


To watch the passage of seasons:

Bare trees coming alive with Spring,

Fledglings learning to wing,

Lambs frolicking – all simply living.


To bask in the warmth of the sun,

Or the subtle light of the moon

And in speckled starlight if neither is near;

Life is too short to be particular! 


To feel the gentle strength of this tiny globe,

Love its every spin:

And hope that someday I’ll understand

Why things are the way they are,

As now I realize why

Things were the way they were

In years gone by.





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