What are the symptoms of ‘mental illness’?


‘Mental health’ refers to a person’s feeling of well-being, or his ability to enjoy life – work, relationships and leisure activities

When do you say someone is mentally ill?

  • odd behavior, or a major change in how he used to be
  • strange beliefs that seem almost magical
  • withdrawn, keeping severely to self
  • mood swings with no obvious cause
  • excessive talk and ‘out of control’ behavior
  • depression and crying for no obvious reason
  • uncontrollable anxiety that affects daily activities
  • fear/terror that can’t be explained
  • phobias that restrict normal life

How does this happen?

  • We are able to ‘think’ only because nerve cells communicate via chemicals in the brain.
  • Behaviour is guided by thoughts.
  • If thoughts are abnormal, behaviour is likely to be abnormal too.

What can be done?

  • The goal of treatment is to get the brain to function normally again
  • Medications would be the starting point
  • Helping the family and later, the person himself, understand the possible reasons for the illness
  • Work out strategies to prevent similar episodes in the future
  • In cases where complete recovery is not possible,  make lifestyle changes to help him adapt to his new reality.
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