Severe mental illness, or Psychosis


Psychosis is a syndrome, i.e. a group of symptoms that can be caused by different psychiatric disorders

What looks like odd behaviour is actually a breakdown:

  • no control over mind
  • loss of touch with reality
  • normal thought process has shut down
  • abnormal beliefs like people are trying to harm him, fear of people
  • abnormal perceptions like seeing and hearing things that others around don’t

Possible causes

  • Schizophrenia
  • Mania
  • Severe depression
  • Some personality disorders


This is an emergency as he may hurt himself or others.

Necessary to go to a hospital for immediate sedation and investigation of the cause

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2 thoughts on “Severe mental illness, or Psychosis

  1. This article needs a wide audience as it simplifies and demystifies a very complex and “taboo” topic. Knowledge is power, especially in the case of mental illness.


    1. I agree. I’m hoping Aamir Khan will take it up on ‘Satyameve Jayate’ 🙂 Though, I must confess, I’ve only seen one episode, the one on Childhood Sexual Abuse, and that was quite good, despite the melodrama.


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