Sadness is something everyone goes through when something sad happens. But if you feel unhappy for no obvious reason, or react to something minor with a “bad mood” lasting for days, this is “depression”.

Depression is pathological, sadness is not.

What you may feel

  • gloom, or sadness that seems to fill your entire being
  • crying spells
  • boredom
  • no interest in things you enjoyed earlier – everything seems “boring”
  • no appetite or eating too much
  • sleepless or sleeping too much
  • tired and listless all day and achieving very little – slow because of poor attention
  • guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
  • hopelessness about things ever getting better
  • you may even wish you could die


  • detailed evaluation
  • therapy, if appropriate
  • antidepressant medications, if necessary

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2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Hey you left out the importance of the support of an extraordinarily committed shrink, doc! Having been there, have been fortunate to have had that. And I’ve also found that meditation, exercise, regular sleep hours and a little help from one’s friends makes a big difference, wouldn’t you say?


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