About this blog

About children and parents

I believe that being a parent is a privilege and a responsibility.

I have a certain amount of experience dealing with children: babysitting siblings and cousins through the teens,  a stint as a resident doctor in the Pediatrics Department at St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore, before qualifying as a psychiatrist; training in the Child Guidance Clinic at NIMHANS as part of the post-graduation course; seeing children with psychological problems in clinical practice for more than 15 years; finally, raising my own children.

The last has been the most instructive. Being together, watching, listening, guiding, trying to stay tuned without intruding into their space, and of course, the arguments and deals. Like most parents I know, I have learnt a lot from the little ones.

About the role of religion/spirituality in raising children

Religion can be a robust positive force in shaping children’s values. I believe we can use it to teach children to respect other people’s beliefs, even when they are different from their own. Religion can help children develop a conscience, a moral compass, from which should flow empathy, integrity, courage – qualities we want in our kids. It can be a scaffold for a child to stand on while he builds his value system brick by brick; he can discard it when the stronger structure of his adult personality is firmly in place, if  he wants to.

About mental health

I have been talking and writing about mental health now and then.  I might put up some of what I’ve been saying on this blog and add to it as I go along.

About whatever appeals to me in nature

Life is short. I remember when I used to think there was lots of time – when I was eighteen, and had just entered medical college. I appreciate the beauty of the earth in a different way now; I look at things and places as something I have had the good fortune – or privilege – to see. That’s what the photos on this blog are, an acknowledgement of that privilege.

About human history, especially ancient times and how we came to be 

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being fascinated by how we evolved to be who we are today. I know so little about it that everything I read is new information. I write down the things that help me piece together the history of ordinary people.

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