‘Invisible Patterns’ : what goes around comes around

Invisible Patterns book

A child who can think for himself will use his own moral compass to tell good from bad.

We, as parents, need to encourage independent thinking rather than monitor our children.

The aim of this story is to get a child to listen to his inner voice and use his own judgement in making choices.






2 thoughts on “‘Invisible Patterns’ : what goes around comes around

  1. “Invisible Patterns” by Dr. Shyamala Vatsa is a charming little book which through its easy-flowing story imparts priceless wisdom to its readers. Its unique plot and endearing characters are easy to identify with and perhaps the very reason why its message is so powerful.

    My husband and I would like to add our opinion from the point of view of parents, together raising our boisterous 9-year-old son. We observed that children are born with a certain degree of inherent wisdom and tremendous intelligence. Once they start expressing themselves through speech and purposeful actions we are often left speechless by their observations, reactions and attitudes. We have learnt so much about the more important things in life through and from our son.

    We are all well-meaning parents and always want what is best for our little ones but the means we employ are often counter-productive. We turn them into little robots brain-washed with rules and regulations about how to live their lives when all we really need to do is let them be, to ask their questions, to get their answers, and just gently guide them when necessary, so that they may be truly equipped to live their own lives to its greatest potential.

    Life is really quite simple and it has helped us as parents to look at it through our child’s eyes. It has certainly helped when we need to find answers to our son’s innumerable questions!

    “Invisible Patterns” is a precious read for all members of the family because in a simple ‘non-preachy’ way it has communicated this idea.

    Anila and Mahesh


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